APC Chartered Accountants was established in September 1993 under the name Alwyn Peffer & Company Pty Ltd. The firm was started by Alwyn and his wife Karen, when Alwyn realised that he wanted to develop particular work practices and implement standards that would not always be consistent with the prevailing culture of his then-current workplace. Alwyn and Karen took a leap of faith and decided to rent an office space in Brisbane’s CBD, which they later expanded to meet the business’ growing needs.

What began with a workforce of 2 employees and a client base of 100 has developed over the years to currently employ 17 staff with a client base of over 1,000. Alwyn has been very passionate throughout the years in committing himself to the business in order to see it succeed and grow. There is a culture of care and commitment that has been imparted to all employees with regards to not only their clients but to their colleagues as well. APC Chartered Accountants strives to continue this tradition while still providing exemplary service to all our clients.